Yale University

Former REIDS Fellows Win Awards

Two former Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholar (REIDS) Fellows, Bridgette M. Brawner, PhD, MDiv, APRN and Kamila Alexander, PHD, MPH, RN, were recent recipients of distinguished awards:

  • Kamila Alexander - Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award from Johns Hopkins University. This honor is accompanied by a $75,000 grant, mentoring opportunities, and institutional recognition. Dr. Alexander is currently an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Her research focuses on prevention of sexual health outcome disparities and the complex roles that structural determinants such as intimate partner violence, societal gender expectations, and limited economic opportunities play in the experience of intimate human relationships.
  • Bridgette Brawner - Article of the Year from the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. This award will be presented during the awards ceremony at ANAC2018 on November 10 in Denver, CO. Dr. Brawner is currently an Associate Professor at The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Dr. Brawner's research develops interventions for urban populations to improve family and community health and promote sexual health, such as preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. 

Published: Sunday, October 14, 2018