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CIRAcast is a series of podcasts which features in depth conversations on a wide range of topics related to HIV/AIDS research. Click the episode number or go to iTunes U to listen.

Episode 20: Chris Beyrer {22:38}

Dr. Chris Beyrer talks about what initially prompted him to focus his research on gay and bisexual men and what continues to motivate him in this area of research. Leif Mitchell is the interviewer. (Recorded November 29, 2012)

Episode 19: Philippe Bourgois {17:16}

Dr. Philippe Bourgois discusses his career as an anthropologist and what led him to include research in public health and HIV. CIRA's Leif Mitchell is the interviewer. (Recorded October 18, 2012)

Episode 18: Sheila Shenoi {20:12}

Dr. Sheela Shenoi discusses the reasons for and challenges of addressing high TB and HIV prevalence rates in rural South Africa with CIRA's Leif Mitchell. (Recorded September 20, 2012)

Episode 17: Using Multimedia and Stakeholder Collaborations to Enhance HIV Adherence Research {16:59}

Dr. Robert Remien, a Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry) at the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, discusses HIV adherence and prevention and his focus on behavioral research. Our interviewer is Leif Mitchell. (Recorded Nov 17, 2011)

Episode 16: Conducting HIV Vaccine Trials in Developing Countries {12:33}

Dr. Sonali Kochhar, a 2011 Yale World Fellow and Medical Director (India) for OneWorld Health, discusses ethics and good practice of conducting HIV vaccine trials in developing countries. Our interviewer is Leif Mitchell. (Recorded Sep 29, 2011)

Episode 15: HIV epidemic among Men who have Sex with Men and Hijras (transgender people) in India {20:58}

Leif Mitchell leads an insightful discussion on the HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men and hijras (transgender people) in India. His guest is Dr. Venkatesan Chakrapani from Indian Network for People Living with HIV. (Recorded May 4, 2011)

Episode 14: HIV Serosorting as a Harm Reduction Strategy -- Evidence from Seattle, Washington {12:43}

Leif Mitchell discusses HIV serosorting as a harm reduction strategy with Dr. Susan L. Cassells, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Global Health, University of Washington. (Recorded Apr 28, 2011)

Episode 13: Innovative Models for HIV Seek, Test, Treat and Retain {11:54}

Leif Mitchell discusses innovative methods for identifying people who are unaware of their HIV status and linking them to care. His guest is Professor Ann Kurth, Director of Global Health Initiatives, NYU College of Nursing. (Recorded Mar 24, 2011)

Episode 12: Online Technologies in HIV/STD Education, Prevention and Transmission Intervention {14:32}

Leif Mitchell discusses use of the internet, social media tools and other popular technologies as means for behavioral change in the HIV/STD community. His guest is Stephan Adelson, a consultant who provides technical assistance to federal and national organizations, health departments, researchers, and community-based organizations. (Recorded 02/17/11)

Episode 11: Seek, Test and Treat in the U.S. Criminal Justice System {27:18}

Leif Mitchell leads a discussion on seek, test and treat in the U.S. criminal justice system. His guests include Frederick L. Altice, M.D. and Sandra Springer, M.D., both from the Yale School of Medicine. (Recorded 10/19/10)

Episode 10: Health Care in South Africa and its National HIV Testing Campaign {20:23}

Leif Mitchell discusses health care and HIV testing in South Africa with Dr. Robert Pattinson, Director of Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies Unit, MRC, and Dr. Kyeen Anderrson, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Yale School of Public Health. (Recorded 04/30/10)

Episode 9: Causes of High HIV and STD Prevalence in MSM {29:33}

Leif Mitchell discusses causes of high HIV and STD prevalence in MSM with University of Washington Assistant Professor, Stephen M. Goodreau, Ph.D., and Yale School of Public Health Associate Research Scientist, Ted White. (Recorded 02/25/10)

Episode 8: The ban on federally funded syringe exchange programs has been lifted. What are the research implications? {22:50}

Leif Mitchell discusses research implications stemming from the lift of a ban on federally funded syringe exchange programs with Yale School of Public Health Professor, Robert Heimer, and CIRA Executive Director, Elaine O'Keefe. (Recorded 02/04/10)

Episode 7: Discussion Points About the Implementation of Test and Treat for HIV Prevention {27:38}

Lisa Eaton, a former Postdoctoral Fellow at CIRA, talks with Seth Kalichman, a professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, about the effectiveness of test and treat in reducing the rates of HIV prevalence. (Recorded 12/17/09)

Episode 6: Russia's Twin Epidemics: Addiction and HIV {49:57}

Yale School of Public Health Professor, Robert Heimer, answers questions about the rapidly expanding and conjoined epidemics of HIV and addiction in post-Soviet Russia. (Recorded by the Center for Language Studies at Yale. Robin Ladouceur is the interviewer.)(Recorded 10/17/07)

Episode 5: Prison, Methadone and HIV Care & Prevention {29:52}

CIRA Research Associate, Amy Smoyer, talks with Doug Bruce, a medical doctor and Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine, about providing HIV care and prevention for people who are incarcerated, including the use of methadone in prison and community settings. (Recorded 10/09/09)

Episode 4: Adolescents, Relationships and Sexual Risk {17:28}

Leif Mitchell, Assistant Director of CIRA's Community Research Core, talks with Dr. Trace Kershaw, an associate professor at Yale School of Public Health, about his research mainly focusing on adolescents, relationships and sexual risk. (Recorded 09/24/09)

Episode 3: CIRA's Growing Partnership with Russian NGO, Stellit {14:56}

A discussion between Yale School of Public Health Professor, Robert Heimer, Stellit Development Director, Olga Levina, and CIRA Postdoctoral Fellow, Leo Beletsky, on CIRA's growing partnership with the Russian NGO, Stellit, in St. Petersburg. (Recorded 09/22/09)

Episode 2: What Motivates Young Investigators in the Field of HIV Research? {14:02}

Leif Mitchell, Assistant Director of CIRA's Community Research Core, speaks with Drs. Nathan Smith and Nathan Hansen on what led these two young scientists to HIV research and what keeps them motivated. (Recorded 08/14/09)

Episode 1: HIV Prevention Research for Gay Men {27:33}

Leif Mitchell, Assistant Director of CIRA's Community Research Core, speaks with Ron Stall from the Univeristy of Pittsburgh on HIV prevention research for gay men. (Recorded 05/07/09)