Yale University

Wilson Palacios, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell


Wilson R Palacios joins UMass Lowell as an associate professor in the School of Criminology & Justice Studies.  Dr. Palacios received his Ph.D. from the University of Miami (Department of Sociology - 1996).   His research focuses on the intersection of social class, race, ethnicity, and gender and its structuring effects on “everyday” decision-making processes and behaviors related to drug use, abuse, and addiction.  Specifically, Dr. Palacios utilizes qualitative research methods to investigate how social-cultural context and social structure shape ‘risk’ & legal environments for people who inject drugs (PWIDs).  

Selected Publications:

  • Green, Traci C., Nickolas Zaller, Wilson R. Palacios, Sarah E. Bowman, Madeline Ray, Robert Heimer, and Patricia Case.  “Law Enforcement Attitudes toward Overdose Prevention and Response.”  (2013).  Drug & Alcohol Dependence, 133:677.684.

  • Heimer, Robert, Lauretta E. Grau, Wilson R. Palacios, Russell Barbour, and Lisa Nichols.  “Characteristics and the Influence of Towns of Residence on Health Status, Injection Behaviors, and Prevention Knowledge of Drug Injectors Who Reside in the Suburbs of Southwestern Connecticut.”  (2013). AIDS & Behavior  DOI 10.1007/s10461-013-0572-3.

  • Wholl, Douglas, J., Wilson R. Palacios, John K. Cochran, and Christine Sellers. (2013).  “A Formative Approach in applying a Meta-Ethnography across the Qualitative Professional Criminal Literature” Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology, 1(1): 78-122.

  • Root, Carl, Jeff Ferrell, and Wilson R. Palacios.  (2013).  “Brutal Serendipity: Criminological Verstehen and Victimization” Critical Criminology, 21:141-155.   First Published on 19th of April (iFirst), DOI: 10.1007/s10612-013-9181-8.  

  • Romero-Daza, N., J. Baldwin, C. Lescano, H.J. Williamson, D.L. Tilley, I. Chan, M.Tewell, and Wilson R. Palacios (2013) “Syndemic Theory as a Model for Training and Mentorship to Address HIV/AIDS Among Latinos in the U.S.”  Annals of Anthropological Practice, 36(2): 232-256.

  • Miller, J. and Wilson R. Palacios (Eds) (July 31, 2015).  "Qualitative Research in Criminology: Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 20."  Transaction Publishers. 

Areas of Expertise:
  • Substance abuse
  • Hidden populations
  • Qualitative research methods