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Routine HIV screening in France: clinical impact and cost-effectiveness.

TitleRoutine HIV screening in France: clinical impact and cost-effectiveness.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsYazdanpanah, Yazdan, Caroline E. Sloan, Cécile Charlois-Ou, Stéphane Le Vu, Caroline Semaille, Dominique Costagliola, Josiane Pillonel, Anne-Isabelle Poullié, Olivier Scemama, Sylvie Deuffic-Burban, Elena Losina, Rochelle P. Walensky, Kenneth A. Freedberg, and David A. Paltiel
JournalPloS one
Date Published2010
KeywordsAdolescent, Adult, Aged, AIDS Serodiagnosis, Anti-HIV Agents, Cohort Studies, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Female, France, HIV Infections, Humans, Incidence, Male, Middle Aged, Prevalence, Quality of Life, Sensitivity and Specificity
AbstractIn France, roughly 40,000 HIV-infected persons are unaware of their HIV infection. Although previous studies have evaluated the cost-effectiveness of routine HIV screening in the United States, differences in both the epidemiology of infection and HIV testing behaviors warrant a setting-specific analysis for France.
Alternate JournalPLoS ONE

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