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CIRA Leads Review of Research on Criminalization of HIV Exposure

The review represents the first comprehensive examination of empirical research on this topic in the U.S.

In the Spotlight

CIRA Affiliates Receive Large Grant to Improve Outcomes in HIV/AIDS

Dr. Amy Justice and colleagues, Drs. David Fiellin, Scott Braithwaite, and Janet Tate received an award from NIAAA to support a Consortium to Improve OutcoMes in HIV/AIDS, Alcohol, Aging, and multi-Substance use (COMPAAAS). Dr Justice is the PI on the award and will lead both the Coordinating...

Yale Experts Draft Strategic Plan In Response to the Connecticut's Opioid and Overdose Epidemics

The Connecticut Opioid REsponse Initiative (CORE) is a strategic plan from Yale experts in response to the state's opioid and overdose epidemics. It recommends:expanding access to effective, medication-based treatment for substance use disorders;improving transitions within the treatment domain;...