Yale University

Individuals and Research Projects Affiliated in 2017

In 2017, CIRA affiliated 15 individuals and 18 research projects. Among the new affiliates are Sten Vermund (Yale School of Public Health), David Vlahov (Yale School of Nursing) and Nicholas Christakis (Yale Institute for Network Science).

In the Spotlight

Taking multiple Rx drugs raises risks for aging adults with and without HIV

Taking five or more prescription medications increases the risk of hospitalization and death in older adults infected with HIV and comparable adults without HIV. The findings of this Yale-led study highlight the potential risks of prescribing additional drugs to patients with multiple medical...

Yale School of Public Health Researchers Robert Heimer and Lauretta Grau Discuss the Opioid Crisis

'Shut down detox centers.' 'Get people bed rest.' 'And methadone.' Those might not sound like the most popular ideas for dealing with the growing opioid crisis. Two experts who have studied the crisis in depth, as part of seeking solutions, argue that those ideas will work better than what society...