Yale University

Katie Wang, Ph.D.

  • Former Postdoctoral Fellow, CIRA


Katie Wang earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Yale University. Broadly, Katie is interested in understanding the experience of stigmatization from the targets' perspective. Her dissertation focused on examining how individual-difference variables, such as stigma consciousness and the utilization of various emotion regulation strategies, interact with contextual factors to shape women’s responses to gender discrimination. She is also interested in the unique challenges faced by members of stigmatized groups who are traditionally under-represented in the intergroup literature, such as people with disabilities.

During her postdoc at CIRA, Katie is exploring various psychological factors that moderate the relationship between stigma-related stress and HIV risk behaviors among gay and bisexual men. Working in collaboration with her faculty mentor, Dr. John Pachankis, Katie looks forward to combining insights from both psychology and public health to inform the development of effective HIV prevention interventions geared toward this vulnerable population.