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The Field


"The field" is the focus of this week's blog. The "field" is on my mind because often the requests I receive for input into qualitative or mixed methods research are about how to conduct interviews with people who are leading very interesting lives. The standard location where interviews are recorded is a quiet confidential place – like an office. What people choose to tell about their lives – how they represent themselves in that place and with the researcher - is interesting and important.

Blogging Ethnography (AKA mixed methods research) out of the Box, or "how to study complexity up close and personal"


I never imagined writing a blog. And, after working on the second editions of five of the Ethnographer's Toolkit publications with my colleague and co-author sociologist Margaret LeCompte, I thought I might put qualitative, mixed methods, or any other methodology writing to bed! I am, however, one of those NIH addicted folks who can’t turn down an opportunity to "see what’s going on" by reviewing yet another set of grants.