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Applications for Yale AIDS Prevention Training Program (Y-APT) fellowships are being accepted. Review will begin on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.


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Pre- and Postdoctoral Training at CIRA

A primary objective of CIRA is to train the next generation of HIV/AIDS scientists. In order to accomplish this goal, CIRA established the NIMH Interdisciplinary HIV Prevention Training Program in 1999. This program currently trains both Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellows. Our training program provides a unique focus on professional development, setting clear expectations for scholarly research productivity, the establishment of a program of research, and the creation of professional identity in preparation for an academic career.

Through these Fellowships, new scientists are equipped with the skills to advance prevention research and to address future challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other emerging diseases. This Training Program prepares Fellows to think critically, and to address issues common between HIV and other diseases, such as barriers to and facilitators of behavioral change and understanding the public health response required to stem an epidemic. Active mentorship is central to the success of our fellows, providing the opportunity for fellows to participate in current research. Learn more about our current mentors. More information about the CIRA fellowship is available here.

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For more information on the NIMH Fellowship program, please contact Kaite Doucet (katie.doucet@yale.edu).