Yale University

International Research

International Research Program Faculty Lead: Luke Davis, MD, MAS
Program Coordinator: Dini Harsono, MSc

CIRA promotes international HIV research through a number of initiatives that aim to advance and disseminate our investigators' global work, explore the potential for translation and adaptation of evidence-based practices between domestic and international settings, facilitate international research synergy, and explore opportunities for new research collaborations in low-resource, highly-affected areas and populations. Implementation science is a central focus at CIRA, and our efforts are directed towards supporting multidisciplinary research partnerships that apply strategies to integrate evidence-based interventions, practices, and policies into real-world settings.

Click here to view CIRA's international active research portfolio with links to project abstracts (updated April 19, 2022). CIRA organizes research-in-progress presentations with an emphasis on high-impact implementation research, networking opportunities to foster collaborations, and dissemination of updates on CIRA international research initiatives. Recording and slides of recent presentations can be accessed at the video archive page.

For questions about our international research initiatives and presentation opportunities, contact Dini Harsono (dini.harsono@yale.edu).

International Visiting Fellow Program

The primary purpose of the International Visiting Fellow Program is to support a CIRA investigator who is engaged in HIV research in an international setting to bring an established partner research scientist or a desired partner researcher to CIRA and Yale for a short visit (up to 9 days) to work on collaborative HIV research endeavors, disseminate their research, and network with CIRA’s research community. The program prioritizes visiting fellows from a country in regions with the highest burden of HIV/AIDS.

CIRA sponsored four international HIV scholars in 2016, four in 2017, two in 2018, and three in 2019 to work with CIRA scientists affiliated with the Yale Schools of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing. This program has demonstrated potential to sustain ongoing research partnerships, yield new multidisciplinary collaborations, and enhance the scope of CIRA’s research impact through implementation science. Due to the pandemic, the program was suspended in 2020 and 2021.

Collaboration with other international research programs at Yale

CIRA supports global health research partnerships across Yale schools and departments and works closely with the Yale Institute for Global Health. We coordinate international HIV research-focused guest lectures and events and organize discussions on funding opportunities to support international collaborative HIV-related research and training proposal development and submission.

HIV/AIDS in Humanitarian Crises
Launched in fall 2020, this initiative aims to foster multidisciplinary collaborations and identify key research questions related to the well-being of people with HIV or at risk for HIV and affected by humanitarian crises in the US and globally. For more information, visit the project webpage.