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International Research

CIRA supports international HIV research through a number of initiatives that aim to promote international research synergy, support CIRA investigators who conduct HIV-related research abroad and emerging international researchers, and explore opportunities for new collaborations on implementation science in low resource, highly affected areas and populations.

Contact Dini Harsono (dini.harsono@yale.edu) for more information.

International Research Interest Group (IRIG)

Chair: Brian Forsyth, MBChB, FRCP(C)
Coordinator: Dini Harsono, M.Sc.

The International Research Interest Group provides a venue to discuss research-in-progress presentations with an emphasis on high-impact implementation research, disseminate updates on CIRA international research initiatives, and create networking opportunities to foster research collaborations. The group convenes up to 3 meetings per year in CIRA Conference Room, Suite 200 (2nd floor), 135 College Street, New Haven, CT.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Tuesday, February 5, 3:30-5:00 PM
    Presenter: George K. Siberry, MD, MPH, Medical Officer, Adult Clinical Branch, Office of HIV/AIDS; Senior Pediatric Technical Advisor for PEPFAR, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator; United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
    Title: "PEPFAR: Where We've Been and Where We're Headed"

Download a complete listing of IRIG members.

International Visiting Fellow Program

The primary purpose of the International Visiting Fellow Program is to support a CIRA scientist who is engaged in HIV research in an international setting to bring an established partner research scientist or a desired partner researcher to Yale for a short visit (up to 9 days) to work on collaborative HIV research endeavors. The program also provides a structured opportunity for the visiting fellow to interact with others in CIRA’s HIV research community through roundtable discussions and/or forums to present their research.

CIRA sponsored four international scholars in 2016, four scholars in 2017, and two scholars in 2018 working with CIRA affiliates who are Yale faculty members at the Schools of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing. This program has demonstrated potential to yield new highly productive research collaborations in diverse international settings and enhance the scope of CIRA’s research impact through implementation science.

Collaboration with other international research programs at Yale

CIRA facilitates and supports international HIV research partnerships across Yale schools and departments and works closely with the Yale Institute for Global Health. CIRA coordinates international HIV research-focused guest lectures and events and organizes discussions on funding opportunities to support collaborative proposal development and submission.