Yale University

Core Structure

In order to support our mission for interdisciplinary work, CIRA's organizational structure is divided up into five sections or "Cores". Each of these cores provide a different type of support and service to a CIRA scientist who is performing research.

  1. The Administrative Core provides scientific, administrative and financial coordination and support to the Center, plans Center activities, develops Center publications, and assists investigators in preparing grant applications.
  2. The Clinical and Health Services Research Core is dedicated to multidisciplinary, collaborative research focusing on HIV prevention, care, and treatment in national and international settings.
  3. The Community Research and Implementation Core reflects CIRA's commitment to community based HIV prevention research.
  4. The Development Core seeks to promote and encourage both new science at CIRA that is consistent with its mission and new investigators to conduct this research.
  5. The Interdisciplinary Research Methods Core provides centralized expertise and resources for study design, and collection and analysis of data.