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Highlights: CIRA's AIDS Science Day

AIDS Science Day 2023 logo On November 30, 2023, over 120 individuals from 30 academic institutions and community organizations attended the CIRA's AIDS Science Day 2023 – a commemoration of World AIDS Day and CIRA's 25th anniversary as an AIDS research center. With 2 discussions sessions, 3 research panels, and 15 exhibition posters, photos, and tables, it was a full day of research dissemination, conversations, and networking. To everyone attended, we thank you for participating and hope that you enjoyed the conference program.

Below are some quotes from the event evaluation survey. 

  • "I especially enjoyed hearing about collaborations with CBOs (community-based organizations)."
  • "The event was a celebration, and the venue and services were outstanding. There was a lot of consensus at the event, which is reaffirming, but to grow as a group and a center, we might think about how to discuss any controversies in our field. Great to have colleagues from nearby institutions and partners attend."
  • "Lots of great conversation about advocacy and interdisciplinary research and ways to implement it in the community."
  • "Engaging talks and great food."
  • "Great to have the mix of community/younger academic/older academic contributors."

Resources from the event are now available for download. 

Event Information

  • Agenda
  • Forthcoming: list of exhibition posters, photos, and tables.

Dissemination and Implementation Methods Core Panel: "Integration of Care and Treatment for Multi-Morbidities into HIV Care"

Justice, Community Capacity, and Equity Core Panel: "Intersectional Methods in HIV Prevention and Treatment"

Clinical and Health Services Research Core Panel: "HIV in the Context of Multilevel Crises"