Yale University

Pilot Projects in HIV/AIDS Research

The application deadline for CIRA's Pilot Projects in HIV/AIDS Research has passed. Announcements of awards will be made in June 2020. Thanks to all applicants.




Through the Pilot Project Program, CIRA provides scientific support to facilitate the development of rigorous and impactful domestic and international research with a vision towards long-term implementation, scale-up, and sustainability.

The program is a funding venue for conducting small-scale research projects to generate data which potentially could lead to further research and funding opportunities. Implementation Science (IS) is a central focus at CIRA and we expect to fund at least one IS project in each cycle. IS includes the study of whether activities or tools that have been shown to be effective in scientific studies work in the real world, and/or the factors that inhibit or facilitate the implementation of such programs.


The goal of the program is to provide pilot funding to junior investigators, and/or support community-university research partnerships that will result in additional externally funded research projects. We will consider letters of intent for feasibility studies that address CIRA's mission to support innovative, interdisciplinary research that focuses on the implementation of HIV prevention and treatment and the elimination of HIV disparities.

We are most interested in funding projects that study populations at the highest risk of HIV infection and focus on reducing disparities in HIV incidence, prevalence and outcomes among marginalized populations, including those with common co-morbidities such as substance use and mental health disorders. Research that focuses exclusively on the basic biology of HIV or research to develop new HIV treatments will not be considered.

Eligibility requirements

This award is intended to support emerging and new investigators, including Post-Doctoral Students, Research Associates, and Assistant Professors. Faculty at Yale University, The Institute for Community Research (ICR), and the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP) at UConn are eligible to apply as PIs. Awardees will hold an appointment at one of these institutions for at least one year past the award date. Senior researchers may participate as mentors on the project.

Investigators from other universities or colleges and community-based organizations are eligible to apply in collaboration with a Principal Investigator based at Yale, ICR, or InCHIP.

Award amount

Applicants may request up to $25,000 in research support. This can include research staff, incentives, supplies, fees for services, and necessary travel. Expenses such as conference travel, computers, furniture, or admin support are not allowable.

The number of awards to be made will depend upon the number of proposals received and the caliber of projects submitted.