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New England HIV Implementation Science Network

The New England HIV Implementation Science Network aims to improve HIV prevention and treatment in small urban areas with a high prevalence of HIV.

Network Purpose:

  • Stimulate and support research and evaluation collaborations across New England
  • Foster partnerships among agencies, stakeholders and researchers
  • Focus on implementation science in small urban areas with high prevalence of HIV

The inaugural New England HIV Implementation Science Network symposium was held on June 4, 2014. This meeting was the launching pad for a new collaboration between the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS at Yale University and the Providence/Brown Center for AIDS Research. To date, over 450 participants representing all six New England states included HIV/AIDS research scientists, advocates, health departments, and HIV service providers, as well as consumers and industry representatives have attended our four annual symposia.

Affiliated Projects | Network Symposiums and Network Workshops | Expertise of 450 Symposium Participants


For more information about the Network, locating regional connections for a potential project, or more information on available resources, please contact Daniel Davidson (daniel.davidson@yale.edu) or Jacob van den Berg at jacob_vandenberg@brown.edu.


New England HIV Implementation Science Network Publishing/Dissemination Guidelines (PDF)


4th Annual Symposium, May 25, 2017 - Groton, CT


  • Agenda (PDF)
  • 4th Annual Network Symposium Evaluation Survey (PDF)

Network Analysis – Why Measuring Connections Matters: 

  • Network science overview, regional connections survey, networking activity – Trace Kershaw PhD (PPT)

Updates on New England State HIV Continuum of Care Data

  • Heidi Jenkins BS - Connecticut (PPT)
  • Jayson Hunt - Maine
  • Betsey John MPH - Massachusetts (PPT)
  • Lindsay Pierce MEd - New Hampshire (PPT)
  • Thomas Bertrand MPH - Rhode Island (PPT)
  • Daniel Daltry MSW - Vermont (PPT

Putting Implementation Science into Practice 

  • Research Project Development – Finding the Right Partners, Interventions, and Implementation Science Framework – Philip Chan MD (PPT)
  • Operationalizing an Implementation Science Project in a Community Setting & Boston University Center for Implementation and Improvement Sciences – Mari-Lynn Drainoni PhD (PPT)
  • Making the Community-Research Connection Work – Shawn Lang BA

Breakout Session Project Briefs (PPT)



Network and Implementation Science Resources