Yale University

Announcing our Network Publishing/Dissemination Guidelines

CIRA and the Providence/Boston CFAR (formerly the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR) have developed some guidelines for publications and conference presentations about the New England HIV Implementation Science Network and affiliated research projects. Given the emphasis of the Network on fostering collaborative implementation research between academic institutions and practitioners we felt it was particularly important to articulate some basic principles surrounding the authorship of articles and conference presentations resulting from Network affiliated projects. We are disseminating the guidelines to the entire Network. If you are interested in developing a manuscript for publication or a conference abstract related to the Network, the guidelines will provide assistance with the process and specific language on how to appropriately acknowledge the relationship with the Network.

We encourage dissemination of the work of the Network to various constituencies and we hope this guidance will help to support the proliferation of collaborative publications and presentations. If you have any questions about the Network, or guidelines and how they apply to you please contact the Network first be presented and discussed with the Network Coordinators at CIRA, Jim.Pettinelli@yale.edu, or Jacob_Vandenberg@brown.edu.

Published: Sunday, July 24, 2016