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Incorporating clinical guidelines through clinician decision-making.

TitleIncorporating clinical guidelines through clinician decision-making.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFalzer, Paul R., Brent A. Moore, and Melissa D. Garman
JournalImplementation science : IS
Date Published2008
AbstractIt is generally acknowledged that a disparity between knowledge and its implementation is adversely affecting quality of care. An example commonly cited is the failure of clinicians to follow clinical guidelines. A guiding assumption of this view is that adherence should be gauged by a standard of conformance. At least some guideline developers dispute this assumption and claim that their efforts are intended to inform and assist clinical practice, not to function as standards of performance. However, their ability to assist and inform will remain limited until an alternative to the conformance criterion is proposed that gauges how evidence-based guidelines are incorporated into clinical decisions.
Alternate JournalImplement Sci

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