Yale University

CIRA Affiliations: January-March '24

Since the start of 2024, CIRA has affiliated 4 individuals and 16 research projects. Click each link below to read more information.

If you have interest in affiliating with CIRA, please contact Erin Nicholson (erin.nicholson@yale.edu).


  1. Mona Abdo, PhD, MPH (Yale School of Medicine)
  2. Angela Di Paola, PhD (Yale School of Medicine)
  3. Sarah R. Lowe, PhD (Yale School of Public Health)
  4. Adati Tarfa, PharmD, MS, PhD (Yale School of Medicine)

Research Projects:

  1. FIC D43 – Georgian Implementation Science Fogarty Training Program (GIFT)
    PI: Altice, Frederick Lewis; Esserman, Denise; Kirtadze, Irma
  2. NIAID R01 – Innovations in Implementing Decentralized HIV Services in Peru
    PI: Altice, Frederick Lewis
  3. FIC R01 – Reducing Stigma in People Who Inject Drugs with HIV Using a Rapid Start Antiretroviral Therapy Intervention
    PI: Altice, Frederick Lewis
  4. Malaysian Implementation Science Training (MIST) Program in HIV
    PI: Altice, Frederick Lewis
  5. NIAID R21 – Mobile Health and Oral Testing to Optimize Tuberculosis Contact Tracing in Colombia
    PI: Davis, John Lucian
  6. P01 NIAAA – The HIV and Alcohol Research center focused on Polypharmacy (HARP)PI: Justice, Amy Caroline
  7. R01 NIAAA – Evaluation of a Combined Motivational Interviewing and Ecological Momentary Intervention to Reduce Risky Alcohol Use among Sexual Minority Males and Transgender Individuals
    PI: Lauckner, Carolyn; Kershaw, Trace S
  8. NIAAA K99 – Stigma, Romantic Relationships, and Alcohol Use Among Transgender and Nonbinary Young Adults
    PI: Murchison, Gabriel R
  9. R01 NIAAA – A unified protocol to address sexual minority women's minority stress, mental health and hazardous drinking
    PI: Pachankis, John Edward; Hughes, Tonda L
  10. R21 NICHD: Delineating host, parasite and pharmacologic factors impacting the treatment of malaria in children with and without HIV
    PI: Parikh, Sunil
  11. K01 NHLBI: LEveraging A viRtual eNvironment (LEARN) to Enhance Prevention of HIV-related Comorbidities in at-risk Minority MSM
    PI: Ramos, Silvia Raquel
  12. R01 NIHMD – The Impact of Individual- and Neighborhood-Level Social Connectedness on Mental Health in Black Adults
    PI: Ransome, Yusuf
  13. Yale MacMillan Center Kempf Award – Managing Health during Humanitarian Crises: Resilience, Establishing Health Priorities, and impact on Health Care Workers
    PI: Rozanova, Julia; Shenoi, Sheela
  14. R21 NIMH – An mHealth implementation strategy to address the syndemic of mental illness, hypertension, and HIV in Uganda
    PI: Schwartz, Jeremy Ian; Nakasujja, Noeline; Ssinabulya, Isaac
  15. Promoting Retention in Opioid Treatment among Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence: A Novel Stepped Care Model Targeting PTSD
    PI: Sullivan, Tami P; Edelman, E. Jennifer; Johnson, Dawn M
  16. R01 NIMHD – Developing and validating a quantitative measure of daily intersectional stigma experiences for Black people with disabilities
    PI: Wang, Peng