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CIRA Launches Research Snapshot Series

CIRA is offering a new dissemination tool to affiliated scientists to help them convey the findings of their studies to stakeholders including those in the HIV prevention and care field and policy makers. The CIRA Research Snapshot series will feature one page summaries of completed, peer reviewed and published studies conducted by our affiliated scientists.

The summaries will describe the reason for the study, the key findings, and implications for practice and policy, presented in plain language. Graphic illustrations or photos that illuminate main points will be utilized to complement and minimize the narrative. All Research Snapshot briefs will also include a link to a published article in a peer reviewed journal that derives from the featured study.

Linda Niccolai, Director of CIRA's Development Core, created an exemplary Research Snapshot based on her HPV research to illustrate the potential of this tool to provide succinct, useful data to the intended audiences. We invite CIRA scientists to use this example to develop and submit research briefs for consideration for the series. To facilitate the process we have created an online form to collect the data from submitting authors. Once the information is received and formatted by CIRA staff, the content will be reviewed by an editorial team. The submitting author will have final approval of the content before it is disseminated.

Completed Research Snapshots will be introduced in the CIRA e-bulletin, posted on our webpage and social media outlets, and linked to other appropriate sites to widen the reach of the series. Authors may disseminate their Snapshots to their own networks as well.

A particular goal of our Center is to increase implementation research on the prevention and treatment of HIV and to facilitate the dissemination of that knowledge to improve practice and policy. The knowledge generated by our research community is only useful if it can be accessed and understood and translated in the practice setting. The Research Snapshot series aims to support this goal.

If you are interested in submitting a brief for publication or just want to discuss the process, contact Elaine O'Keefe (elaine.okeefe@yale.edu), Executive Director at CIRA.

Published: Friday, September 11, 2015