Yale University

Fiellin Will Direct Effort to Review and Update WHO Guidelines

David A. Fiellin, MD, Yale professor of medicine (general medicine), of emergency medicine, and of public health, and director of the Yale Program in Addiction Medicine, was selected by the World Health Organization (WHO) to serve on the Drug and Alcohol Use Disorders Topic Expert Group (TEG) for the mental health gap (mhGAP) guideline update.

The WHO developed the mhGAP Program in 2008 to respond to growing challenges and to enhance capacity of its member states. An essential component of mhGAP is an integrated package of evidence-based guidelines for disorders identified as conditions of high priority. The role of the TEGs is to advise on the scope of the 2021 guideline update by appraising existing recommendations from the previous 2015 guideline update. 

Published: Sunday, June 6, 2021