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New Global Health Institute announced at Yale

The new Yale Institute for Global Health (YIGH), approved by the Yale Corporation on Dec. 8, further advances President Salovey's goal for the university to have a greater impact on complex international issues. Led by the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, YIGH is a university-wide effort to address global health issues, and will serve as the focal point for research, education, and engagement with global partners to improve the health of individuals and populations worldwide.

"It is critical for Yale to have a substantial role in addressing health problems that face populations around the globe, including in the United States," said Ann Kurth, dean of the Yale School of Nursing. "We want to harvest all the talent and the distinct assets we have across the university, so we no longer work in a distributed way but with a more cohesive, interdisciplinary approach to make a deeper impact with our global initiatives. No one discipline can solve global health problems. YIGH will provide a catalyzing center for these collaborations."

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Published: Monday, December 11, 2017