Yale University

Emil Coman, Ph.D.

  • Research Associate II, UConn Health


Dr. Coman is a PSTAT-accredited statistician who has been initially trained in emotions by his communications mentor Ross Buck, and in statistical modeling (through the backdoor of SEM, Structural Equation Modeling) by Dave Kenny, who is still mentoring him. More recently Judea Pearl has been taking the time to directly teach Emil about causality, which led to some translations for health scholars (like causal mediation or the 'science of cause and effect', for high school students). He has a physics background, and is therefore interested on statistical modeling approaches that can handle complexities like dynamical (change) models, and dyadic, group or network processes, in a variety of health domains. He is now providing guidance and training to health and medical researchers on expanding their research questions and understanding by adding layers of data and spatial analytics tool to their data (from patients or participants), e.g. to query opioid treatment evidence.

He has collaborated with researchers from many fields, and has recently been entrusted to manage the lively SEM discussion listserv.

Dr. Coman is investigating HIV by mixing lenses provided by different fields, like: prevention and causality; emotions and qualitative evidence; health disparities/equity among young adults, and population health (e.g. reporting on sexual and racial/ethnic (R/E) minority youth by expanding R/E disparities questions).