Yale University

Robert D. Bruce, M.D.

  • Division Director of Internal Medicine, The MetroHealth System


From academics to public/community health, Dr. Bruce has worked to develop and implement research and public health interventions both locally and internationally. Dr. Bruce is a global expert in substance use disorders among people with HIV/hepatitis C and serves as the substance use team lead for the Department of Health and Human Services Antiretroviral Guideline committee. From drug-drug interaction work to ascertain the impact of HIV and HCV therapeutics on methadone/buprenorphine and operations research to improve HIV/HCV and tuberculosis care, he has translated research into clinical environments to improve outcomes for marginalized populations and to reduce health disparities. Dr. Bruce has provided technical assistance to the CDC (Kenya, Tanzania, and India), the United Nations (Mauritius, Kenya, and Seychelles), USAID (Ukraine), and non-governmental organizations to address HIV and substance use epidemics globally. Dr. Bruce has held academic appointments at Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health, and Boston University School of Medicine.