Yale University

Samuel Bowens, C.H.W.

  • Section Chief, Prevention Department, Waterbury Health Department
  • OD2A Outreach Program Supervisor, Waterbury Health Department Opioid Grant
  • Community Board of Directors, Trinity Health of New England/Saint Mary's Hospital
  • Chair, Waterbury Getting To Zero Committee
  • Chair, Waterbury National World AIDS Day Committee
  • Member, Community Advisory Board, CIRA


Mr. Bowens is a twenty nine year veteran in the HIV/AIDS field. He has served as Program Director/Coordinator at the City of Waterbury Department of Public Health since March 2009. He began working in the HIV/AIDS field in 1991 after returning home to the United States from a five year overseas assignment with the United States Air Force (Dessert Storm Veteran). After witnessing the global effects of HIV during the early 1980s epidemic in both the United States and Overseas his passion to work in the field began by volunteering as a companion for PLWHA, when stigma and devastation of HIV/AIDS was at its peak. He has been involved with many committees such as New England MSM Think Tank, Gay Men's Alliance, Waterbury Youth Homeless Connect, Waterbury Region2 Continuum/Consortia, CT Positive Prevention and CT Getting To Zero, as a Commissioned member to name a few.  Mr. Bowens has received numerous awards throughout his career to include the National Award of Excellence in Health Communications 2013 (Black MSM Poster Campaign), Excellence in HIV Prevention/DPH 2014, State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation, Certificate of Accomplishment-Senator Christopher Murphy, WOW/NRZ 16th Annual Directors Appreciation Award. He has overseen numerous EBI’s and DEBI's to include but not limited to: Healthy Relationships, SISTAS, Voice Voices, EIS, CRCS, Drug Treatment Advocate Program, Mpowerment, CTR, OTL, SSP/Harm and Risk Reduction, Overdose Prevention, Naloxone/Fentanyl  education and distribution. Mr. Bowens is dedicated to "Getting To Zero" and continues to provide services, support, empathy and dedication to PLWHA. His motto is: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.