Yale University

Adult, Aware, and Alive

Principle Investigator(s):

Funder: CIRA
Project period: 06/08/2006 - 06/07/2007
Grant Type: Pilot Project

Abstract Text:

The predominant aim of the Adult, Aware, and Alive (AAA) project is to collect data on prevailing practices among inner city, mature adults and their health care providers in order to better understand the potential factors that place mature adults at risk for HIV infection. The results of the study will be used to increase awareness among the clients and their health care providers of current practices in the community. Specifically, we will:

  1. Evaluate the extent to which a general medical population, over 50 years of age, engages in HIV-associated risk behaviors and their overall knowledge about HIV/STD risk (e.g. modes of transmission, symptoms, prevention strategies).
  2. Assess the attitudes of a general medical population, over 50 years of age, about being asked sexual and drug use histories by their health care providers.
  3. Identify potential missed opportunities for earlier diagnosis among HIV patients, over 50 years of age, who have been diagnosed since January 2002.
  4. Provide the Bridgeport and New Haven communities with feedback on the research findings through presentations at the participating elderly housing projects and community health centers (CHCs). Group discussions following presentations will be used to work collaboratively with the community to identify strategies for enhancing HIV risk awareness among older adult patients as well as their health care providers