Yale University

Latinos Living with HIV/AIDS -- Access to Subacute Care

Principle Investigator(s):

Funder: CIRA
Project period: 04/05/2007 - 04/04/2008
Grant Type: Pilot Project

Abstract Text:

Leeway is applying to the CIRA Community Research Partnership Program (CRPP) for funding of a research project to study access by Latinos living with HIV/AIDS of sub-acute/skilled nursing services. Leeway is a specialized skilled nursing facility dedicated to the care of persons with HIV/AIDS and is the only one of its kind in the state. Latino men and women living with HIV/AIDS are emerging infected populations in Connecticut, yet their presence at Leeway is not at the level expected given the incidence of the virus in these population groups.

The intent of the proposed project is to assess traditional patterns of health care utilization for these populations at various stages of illness with HIV, what Latinos currently know about skilled nursing care facilities and what local HIV care providers advise their Latino clients about accessing care services. This information will be gathered through focus groups and provider interviews. Through identification and analysis of factors contributing to the disparity of Latinos accessing HIV/AIDS sub-acute/skilled-nursing care, responses will be developed on multiple levels including provider, cultural and community approaches. Leeway views this project as a first step with the potential for broad implications relative to care for Latinos living with HIV/AIDS.