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[Expression of transcripts related to the cluster HS.633957 in human normal and tumor tissues].

Title[Expression of transcripts related to the cluster HS.633957 in human normal and tumor tissues].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPolev, D. E., Iu K. Nosova, L. L. Krukovskaia, A. V. Baranova, and A. P. Kozlov
JournalMolekuliarnaia biologiia
Date Published2009 Jan-Feb
KeywordsChromosomes, Human, Pair 7, Female, Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic, Genes, Neoplasm, Humans, Male, Multigene Family, Neoplasms, Organ Specificity, Quantitative Trait Loci, Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction, Telomere, Tumor Markers, Biological
AbstractUsing computational methods for analysis of electronic databases we identified a number of human nucleotide sequences expressed predominantly in tumors. We experimentally studied one of the sequences, which is related to the UniGene database cluster Hs.633957 and located near the telomere in the chromosome 7p22.3. All the RNA sequences of the cluster Hs.633957 are non-coding and their role was not described yet, but expression pattern of the locus makes it theoretically and practically interesting. Here we studied expression of the sequence Hs.633957 in various normal and tumor tissues using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. Of all the normal adult tissues studied weak expression was only identified in heart and liver. It was also identified in embryonic brain and kidney. Locus Hs.633957 is expressed in tumors of various tissue origin including tumors of lung, intestines, breast, stomach, cervix, lymph nodes and others. Thus the Hs.633957 locus is expressed predominantly in tumors and may be considered a prospective tumor marker.
Alternate JournalMol. Biol. (Mosk.)

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