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Goals and Plans of Incarcerated Men Postrelease.

TitleGoals and Plans of Incarcerated Men Postrelease.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsVan Den Berg, Jacob J., Beth C. Bock, Mary B. Roberts, Donna R. Parker, Rosemarie A. Martin, L. A. R. Stein, and Jennifer G. Clarke
JournalJournal of correctional health care : the official journal of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Date Published2016 Apr
AbstractPrior research has not examined the self-identified goals and plans of incarcerated people as they approach release from prison. This study analyzed the goals and plans generated during a motivational interviewing counseling session of incarcerated men who participated in a randomized controlled trial of a smoking abstinence intervention in a tobacco-free prison in the northeastern United States. Using thematic analysis, 53 written goals and plans were independently coded by trained research assistants to identify major themes that included (1) staying smoke-free or reducing the number of cigarettes smoked postrelease, (2) engaging in physical activities to improve health and wellness, and (3) spending time with family and/or friends. Implications for working with inmates to identify their plans and goals to remain smoke-free after incarceration are discussed.
Alternate JournalJ Correct Health Care

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