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Guideline development for office-based pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence.

TitleGuideline development for office-based pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsFiellin, David A., and Andrea G. Barthwell
Corporate AuthorsCenter for Substance Abuse Treatment
JournalJournal of addictive diseases
Date Published2003
KeywordsConsensus Development Conferences as Topic, Family Practice, Humans, Methadone, Narcotics, Opioid-Related Disorders
AbstractThe success of opioid agonist maintenance has stimulated efforts to make this form of treatment more available. Methadone medical maintenance, coordination of methadone services from a physician's office, has been offered as an alternative to narcotic treatment programs for stable, recovered and socially rehabilitated opioid dependent patients. Despite the successful implementation of methadone medical maintenance programs, a number of important questions regarding the appropriate guidelines for the use of this model of care remain. The current paper reviews the process and outcome of the Medical Maintenance Consensus Panel, which was convened for the federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. We outline the process and describe the two guidelines that were produced by this process that are targeted at physicians, narcotic treatment programs, and policy makers.
Alternate JournalJ Addict Dis

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