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HealthMpowerment.org: Building Community Though a Mobile-Optimized, Online Health Promotion Intervention.

TitleHealthMpowerment.org: Building Community Though a Mobile-Optimized, Online Health Promotion Intervention.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHightow-Weidman, Lisa B., Kathryn E. Muessig, Emily C. Pike, Sara Legrand, Nina Baltierra, Alvin Justin Rucker, and Patrick Wilson
JournalHealth education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education
Date Published2015 Jan 14
AbstractBackground. Both young Black men who have sex with men as well as young Black transgender women (YBMSM/TW) continue to experience a significant increase in HIV incidence. HealthMpowerment.org (HMP) is a mobile phone-optimized, online intervention for both YBMSM/TW to build community and facilitate supportive relationships. Methods. To assess the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes, a 1-month pilot trial of HMP among 15 YBMSM/TW was conducted. Results. Retention was 100%. Mean age was 26 years, 60% were HIV-infected, 87% earned <$21,000, and 67% were uninsured. Despite the small sample size and limited intervention length, statistically significant improvements were seen in social support (p = .012), social isolation (p = .050), and depressive symptoms (p = .045). Conclusion. The HMP pilot trial demonstrated feasibility and acceptability. Given the burden of the epidemic among YBMSM/TW, there is an imperative to develop, test, and scale up culturally appropriate interventions to both prevent HIV acquisition and limit onward transmission.
Alternate JournalHealth Educ Behav

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