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HIV status and the risk of ischemic stroke among men.

TitleHIV status and the risk of ischemic stroke among men.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSico, Jason J., Chung-Chou H. Chang, Kaku So-Armah, Amy C. Justice, Elaine Hylek, Melissa Skanderson, Kathleen McGinnis, Lewis H. Kuller, Kevin L. Kraemer, David Rimland, Matthew Bidwell Goetz, Adeel A. Butt, Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas, Cynthia Gibert, David Leaf, Sheldon T. Brown, Jeffrey Samet, Lewis Kazis, Kendall Bryant, and Matthew S. Freiberg
Corporate AuthorsVeterans Aging Cohort Study
Date Published2015 May 12
KeywordsBrain Ischemia, Causality, Cohort Studies, Comorbidity, HIV Infections, Humans, Incidence, Male, Men's Health, Middle Aged, Risk Factors, Stroke, United States, Veterans
AbstractGiven conflicting data regarding the association of HIV infection and ischemic stroke risk, we sought to determine whether HIV infection conferred an increased ischemic stroke risk among male veterans.
Alternate JournalNeurology

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