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HIV is a virus, not a crime.

TitleHIV is a virus, not a crime.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCameron, Edwin, Scott Burris, and Michaela Clayton
JournalHIV/AIDS policy & law review / Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Date Published2008 Dec
KeywordsHealth Policy, HIV Infections, Humans, Stereotyping
AbstractCriminalization of HIV transmission is an ineffective tool for combating AIDS and a costly distraction from programmes that we know work--programmes such as effective prevention, protection against discrimination, reducing stigma, empowering women and providing access to testing and treatment. In this article, which is based on a plenary presentation by Edwin Cameron, the authors advance ten reasons why criminalization is poor public health policy.
Alternate JournalHIV AIDS Policy Law Rev

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