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Implementation of hospital governing boards: views from the field.

TitleImplementation of hospital governing boards: views from the field.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcNatt, Zahirah, Jennifer W. Thompson, Abraham Mengistu, Dawit Tatek, Erika Linnander, Leulseged Ageze, Ruth Lawson, Negalign Berhanu, and Elizabeth H. Bradley
JournalBMC health services research
Date Published2014
KeywordsCross-Sectional Studies, Ethiopia, Governing Board, Guideline Adherence, Health Care Reform, Hospital Administration, Hospitals, Humans, Patient Satisfaction, Professional Role, Questionnaires
AbstractDecentralization through the establishment of hospital governing boards has been touted as an effective way to improve the quality and efficiency of hospitals in low-income countries. Although several studies have examined the process of decentralization, few have quantitatively assessed the implementation of hospital governing boards and their impact on hospital performance. Therefore, we sought to describe the functioning of governing boards and to determine the association between governing board functioning and hospital performance.
Alternate JournalBMC Health Serv Res

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