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Special issues in contraception: caring for women with disabilities.

TitleSpecial issues in contraception: caring for women with disabilities.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKaplan, Clair
JournalJournal of midwifery & women's health
Date Published2006 Nov-Dec
KeywordsContraception, Contraceptive Agents, Female, Contraceptive Devices, Female, Disabled Persons, Female, Health Services Accessibility, Humans, Nurse's Role, Nurse-Patient Relations, Office Visits, Physical Examination, Pregnancy, Women's Health, Women's Health Services
AbstractWomen with disabilities make up a diverse population of underserved clients needing skilled, sensitive, and culturally-competent contraceptive care. Barriers to care for these women are structural, attitudinal, and informational, and lack of attention to their needs is also reflected in limited research and clinical guidelines. Special techniques for a modified gynecologic examination can be employed, and disabled women can work in partnership with providers to promote comfort, respect, and safety. There are specific considerations for the use of different contraceptive methods in women with movement limitations, sensory impairments, seizure disorders, developmental disability, and emotional and psychiatric disorders. A climate of welcoming respect as well as clinical expertise in issues specific to this population can enhance the ability to provide contraception to these women.
Alternate JournalJ Midwifery Womens Health

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