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Why can't we just get along? Interpersonal biases and interracial distrust.

TitleWhy can't we just get along? Interpersonal biases and interracial distrust.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsDovidio, John F., Samuel L. Gaertner, Kerry Kawakami, and Gordon Hodson
JournalCultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology
Date Published2002 May
KeywordsAfrican Americans, European Continental Ancestry Group, Humans, Interpersonal Relations, Prejudice, Race Relations, Social Perception, United States
AbstractThe authors review a series of studies that illustrate how one form of contemporary racial bias of Whites, aversive racism, can shape different perspectives of Blacks and Whites in ways that can undermine race relations. This research demonstrates that contemporary racism among Whites is subtle, often unintentional, and unconscious but that its effects are systematically damaging to race relations by fostering miscommunication and distrust. In particular, the authors examine the effects of aversive racism on outcomes for Blacks (e.g., in selection decisions), on the ways that Whites behave in interracial interactions, in the impressions that Whites and Blacks form of each other in these interactions, and on the task efficiency of interracial dyads.
Alternate JournalCultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol

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